Scrambled Word Game Proposal Idea

Create large, individual letters that spell your proposal, and send them to her in a bunch of different ways, arriving over the course of a day or a week. When she has them all, tell her to unscramble the letter to form the special message.

NOTE :: This is actually how I proposed to my intelligent, beautiful, wise, adorable wife, Celine.

  • word games
  • puzzles
  • surprises
  • getting things in the mail, UPS, Fedex


  • Create a secret checklist of the letters in your proposal question. I used “Will you marry me.” Very original. LOL
  • Buy some letter blocks from a toy stoy, or sign letters from a hardware store, or craft letters from a craft store.
  • Use your checklist when you print them, and when you hide them. Make sure you do not leave any out.
  • Arrange a date with your sweetheart, and get her to reserve the whole day, just for you.
  • Arrange numerous gifts to arrive on that particular day.
  • Here is how I did it ::
    • I send a UPS box with ONE letter in it, scheduled to arrive on the day, or before.
    • I sent another box by US Mail with one letter in it.
    • I sent another box by Fedex with one letter in it.
    • I made arrangements to do all the things we have enjoyed the most in dating.
    • In our case, I took her for minigolf, where I went ahead and put a letter in two of the holes.
    • I took her for a picnic at the beach, where I carved three letters in the sand. I also had three letters printed to represent those letters later.
    • I rented a tricycle to ride up and down the beach, and had a letter in the basket.
    • I gave her some plants, and had a letter in each pot.
    • By then, it was time for dinner and I took her to our favorite local eatery, Yellow Deli. I hid a letter under her plate when she went to the restroom.
    • I hid a couple letters in her candy box at home.
    • I hid a letter in her dressing table.
    • I drew a letter in chalk, under the car, so she saw it as we drove back home and raised the garage door. I had a printed letter to represent that one later.
    • I hung a letter on her towel while she was showering.
  • When she has gathered and found all the letters, lay them all out on a big table, and invite her to figure out the puzzle.
  • As she starts to see the answer, and her eyes get really big, like Celine’s did, be ready to ask your big question.
  • For the faster version, create truly artistic renderings of the letters, frame them, and put them all around the house, where you think she could discover them, all over the house. Hide them all after she goes to bed for the night, so she discovers them the next day.
  • Do everything above, but take the time and use your own creative juices to create letters on a graphics program. Each letter could be a totally different design, colors, sizes, etc. NOTE :: This is actually what I did.
  • As you go about your day, have a few different friends meet you at each event during the day, and give out a couple letters at each location, as you go about your activities of the day.

If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!


My wife and I, on our wedding day. Yes, we do things differently. It was a private cerimony in our home with close friends.