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  • Real 360 degree photos of every diamond
  • Thousands of testimonials
  • Fastest growing diamond company
  • 100% Refund policy

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I searched their inventory of 38,000 diamonds and found their best deal on a 1 carat diamond.
Read all about it: round/1.00-carat/g-color/vs2-clarity/excellent cut



  • James Allen is one of the most successful diamond sites on the web.
  • They are the only diamond seller on the web that offers real photos of each diamond they sell.
  • They have a generous 30 day return policy, which is important.
  • They offer 360 degree photos that you can spin to see every side of a ring.
  • They offer some of the most extensive information about their diamonds of any online seller.
  • The company has been in business since 1998.
  • They have thousands of glowing testimonials at an independent reviews website.

They really treat a customer well, prices are excellent, and they have proven that they will be around a while. They are one of the few major websites operating at a profit, and offer excellent guarantees and service. The prices are among the lowest, while the quality of their inventory among the highest.

We respect the amount of effort and research that has gone into creating this elegant and informative site. The search engine is very efficient, full information is given for every diamond, and selection is enormous. It’s an extra nice feature that they have 360 degree photos for most of their diamonds.

Customer service goes beyond the norm, and the staff is honest, knowledgeable and helpful. The management at JamesAllen.com is aware of the need to make every customer happy in order to build their business by word of mouth, so customers are treated with importance. You will enjoy the experience from start to finish, as testified to us by hundreds of customers through our customer surveys, while we tracked them over the past 10 years (they have been in business online for 16).

James Allen has passed all my criteria.

To pass my criteria and be listed on this site, an online jeweler must rate “excellent” in each of these categories:

Selection of Diamonds
— must have a large selection of high quality loose diamonds in stock, and be able and willing to order whatever you want

Diamond Expertise
— must have GIA Graduate Gemologists on premises, and prove to me they will answer your questions in detail, and accurately, to your best advantage

— must prove to me they will take ample time to educate and help you make the best decisions

— must be among the lowest online diamond prices in the U.S. (remember :: the very lowest price quotes are not always truthful)

— must stock the highest quality diamonds including stones with D Color, IF Clarity, or excellent Cut Grade as well as Ideal Cut, Super Ideal Cut, and other rare and unusual qualities

— must stock diamonds with a GIA (GTL) Cert / Certificate, as well as AGS (AGSL) Diamond Grading Reports, in addition to any other reports they might offer

Selection of Settings
— must have a good selection of popular as well as unique, high quality settings in stock, including fine name brand designers

Jeweler Skills
— must be able to set diamonds in simple settings by the next day, or in custom pieces within a reasonable time for the complexity of that design
— must be able to create anything you want from scratch

— must have an excellent local reputation, as well as an excellent reputation within the diamond trade

Trade Credit Rating
— must have excellent ratings with the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), to enable them to access any diamond you want

— must be a member in good standing with the BBB Online and/or Chamber of Commerce
— must prove to me that they will guide a customer with truth and technical accuracy

— must proven online security, with a minimum of 128-bit encryption, with a Verisign EV SSL certificate

— must be a member in good standing in some of the foremost jeweler organizations such as ::

  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • American Gemological Society
  • Diamond Dealers Club
  • Jewelers Board of Trade

— must answer email promptly, preferably within minutes or hours, and accurately answer technical questions about diamonds and settings

Phone Calls 
— must answer phone calls promptly, and answer all questions with technical accuracy

Return Policy
— must have a 30 days, unconditional, money-back guarantee and prove to me they honor that guarantee

Store Hours
— must have convenient phone hours, including weekends

Age of Business
— must have been in business for at least 10 years minimum online

Size of Business
— must be one of the top 10 volume diamond stores online

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