Which Online Jewelers Passed My Tests?

I tested over 100 top online jewelers. And I was amazed and disappointed. It is now down to only 2 jewelers that passed ALL levels of my tests.

This includes the most important :: my customer followup and real customer reviews after the sale. It continues to astound me, that so few companies train their staff really well. Grrrr

Surprise #1)

Out of 100+ online stores I tested, only two do it all. Amazing. I expected more. One consolation, these two do it REALLY well.

Surprise #2)

Lowest prices do not make the best deals on diamonds. But these stores both have excellent, highly competitive prices. Compare for yourself, but compare wisely, considering all 13 quality parameters, NOT just the 4 C’s. See how important that is, in my tutorials if you need to.

Call one of these stores as your benchmark, then compare your experience with anyone else you wish.


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Top Two Online Jewelers

James Allen Review  

Unique Interactive Photos for Every Diamond

Unique website with actual photos for every diamond. They have well trained, helpful staff, among the best prices, strong attention to detail, extensive information, excellent diamond quality selection, and thousands of verified testimonials at iVouch.com.

If you want to do business with the fastest growing company online, this is it.

And they are known for meticulous attention to quality and detail.



Blue Nile Review

Over 150,000 Certified Diamonds to Choose From, Create the Ring of Her Dreams

Largest Online Jeweler

The world’s largest online retailer of diamonds and jewelry, very well financed, invested millions in their website design, pioneered “make your own ring” function, hand-picked quality diamond selection, helpful staff, excellent diamond search, among the best in prices, expanding into other jewelry.

If you want to do business with the biggest, most stable jewelry company, these guys did not get there by accident.

And I found their latest sale for you, till Dec 23!

And they will ship it fast and free!