You have successfully submitted your diamond search information to Find My Jeweler, and they are matching your needs with a jeweler who passed their tests (which I created).

You should receive an email within 15 minutes or so, telling you all about the jeweler that passed.

If no local jeweler has passed, the system will send you a report on the online specialists that passed, just to give you something to use as a benchmark. Call those stores to see how a jeweler should treat you.

Reasons why there might not be a jeweler in your area:

  1. I have not tested that area of the country yet
  2. I have tested every single jeweler and no one passed (yes that happened in several cities)
  3. I had jewelers in that area, but they closed due to poor health issues (in a couple cities)

If you have any further questions about jewelers in your area, please leave a comment on the Tested Local Jewelers page, or email me.