Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Other versions use billboards, radio ads, etc. This has been done before, but it is still dramatic, romantic, and amazing.

  • nature walks
  • dramatic gestures


  • Arrange a date or a walk at the beach, in a large field, on a mountain trail, or anywhere the sky can be seen without obstruction.
  • Arrange with a skywriting company to write your proposal at the exact time she can see it.
  • Make sure the proposal is concise, of course. The skywriter will work with you to keep it simple.
  • Have the ring ready when she sees it.
  • Arrange for the skywriter to do his art during a horseback ride, out for a bike ride, out running, on a dolphin or whale watching boat trip, or whatever else you might do together outside in the open.
  • Add a camping trip and hike to the right spot in plenty of time.
  • Make a picnic lunch in a field or on the beach or a mountain top.
  • Eat lunch or early dinner (while still light out) at top floor restaurant of a highrise building, facing the windows in the right direction.

If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!