Sexy Proposal Ideas

The most risque, sexy proposal ideas. This means they include ideas about clothing optional locations, or making love, or public display of affection. There is nothing explicit in any of these descriptions, but they might give you some great ideas. Be careful to keep the romance in your proposal, and do NOT just make it about sex. A lasting relationship will have more to it than that!

1703, 2014

Imaginary Real Beach Resort Proposal Idea

Arrange for a long weekend off together, and tell her you are arranging a pretend trip to a beach resort. Build the story that you will create a complete imaginary beach resort vacation for her. Then buy the tickets and actually fly to Cozumel together. Surprise! Use any of our other proposal ideas when you get there.

1703, 2014

Fine Dining in a Limo Proposal Idea

Rent a limosine for the evening. Have the driver pick you up first, then pick her up at home or work. Make reservations at your favorite fine restaurant, and re-arrange for the staff to serve you a three course dinner in the limo outside. Ask her after dessert.





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