Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Some of the most romantic proposal ideas, with all the flowery images and loving attention a woman could want for the big moment.

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1803, 2014

Cute Puppet Story Book Proposal

Create a photo album of your life together, using stuffed animals to tell the story, like claymation. Include all the major events in your relationship so far, and end it with a scene where the boy proposes, and be ready with the ring.

1803, 2014

Proposal and Wedding at Once

This is ONLY for stable, proven, longterm relationships that are ready for marriage! I heard that someone did this, and it seems very shocking to me, but I can imagine it for some people, so I am including it here! Arrange for a week in Hawaii together, and tell her you are arranging a complete holiday surprise. Tell her to pack for fine dining, the beach, and a fancy party you have planned. Propose on the beach, as elaborate as you like, and then... have everything ready to marry her right then!

1703, 2014

Imaginary Real Beach Resort Proposal Idea

Arrange for a long weekend off together, and tell her you are arranging a pretend trip to a beach resort. Build the story that you will create a complete imaginary beach resort vacation for her. Then buy the tickets and actually fly to Cozumel together. Surprise! Use any of our other proposal ideas when you get there.

1703, 2014

Fine Dining in a Limo Proposal Idea

Rent a limosine for the evening. Have the driver pick you up first, then pick her up at home or work. Make reservations at your favorite fine restaurant, and re-arrange for the staff to serve you a three course dinner in the limo outside. Ask her after dessert.

1403, 2014

Hiking Trail Proposal

Work with friends to surprise her with little romantic moments along a favorite hiking trail, ending at a picnic with food favorites...

2102, 2014

Live Action Marriage Proposal

Don’t miss out on the hottest marriage proposal trend right now, live action marriage proposals.  What is a live action marriage proposal?  A term dubbed by Proposal Planners The Heart [...]

1402, 2014

Skywrite Your Proposal

Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Other versions use billboards, radio ads, etc. This has been done before, but it is still dramatic, romantic, and amazing.

1302, 2014

Photoshop a Ring On Her Hand

Take a professional portrait photo, with her hand against her cheek. Photoshop a ring on her hand. Make it the last photo in a photo album of yoru special moments together, and share the album together. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: reviewing photos in an album, quiet romantic evenings.

3001, 2014

Formal Romantic Dinner at Home

Dress up as a butler or matre di to serve her favorite meal for a quiet romantic dinner at home. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: quiet romantic evenings, candlelight, flowers, being treated like a queen

911, 2013

Knight in Shining Armor

Ride up as a knight or a prince on horseback, and propose at a park to the queen of your heart. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: horses, knights, princes, kings, buccaneers, etc.