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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Here are some of our favorite marriage proposal ideas we have collected over the years. Use the pulldown menus at top right of any page to narrow your search.

Magician Proposal Idea

Hire a talented local magician, and have him pick "her card" as the "will you marry me" card instead...

Live Action Marriage Proposal

Don’t miss out on the hottest marriage proposal trend right now, live action marriage proposals.  What is a live action marriage proposal?  A term dubbed by Proposal Planners The Heart Bandits, a live action marriage [...]

Skywrite Your Proposal

Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Other versions use billboards, radio ads, etc. This has been done before, but it is still dramatic, romantic, and amazing.

Photoshop a Ring On Her Hand

Take a professional portrait photo, with her hand against her cheek. Photoshop a ring on her hand. Make it the last photo in a photo album of yoru special moments together, and share the album together. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: reviewing photos in an album, quiet romantic evenings.

Formal Romantic Dinner at Home

Dress up as a butler or matre di to serve her favorite meal for a quiet romantic dinner at home. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: quiet romantic evenings, candlelight, flowers, being treated like a queen

Knight in Shining Armor

Ride up as a knight or a prince on horseback, and propose at a park to the queen of your heart. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: horses, knights, princes, kings, buccaneers, etc.






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