Expensive Marriage Proposal Ideas

Some people just want their proposal to be awesome, and money is no object. These proposal ideas demonstrate the use of money with thought and romance.

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1803, 2014

Proposal and Wedding at Once

This is ONLY for stable, proven, longterm relationships that are ready for marriage! I heard that someone did this, and it seems very shocking to me, but I can imagine it for some people, so I am including it here! Arrange for a week in Hawaii together, and tell her you are arranging a complete holiday surprise. Tell her to pack for fine dining, the beach, and a fancy party you have planned. Propose on the beach, as elaborate as you like, and then... have everything ready to marry her right then!

1703, 2014

Imaginary Real Beach Resort Proposal Idea

Arrange for a long weekend off together, and tell her you are arranging a pretend trip to a beach resort. Build the story that you will create a complete imaginary beach resort vacation for her. Then buy the tickets and actually fly to Cozumel together. Surprise! Use any of our other proposal ideas when you get there.





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