Budget Marriage Proposal Ideas

Our favorite proposal ideas on a smaller budget. You do NOT need to sacrifice romance or beauty.

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1803, 2014

Cute Puppet Story Book Proposal

Create a photo album of your life together, using stuffed animals to tell the story, like claymation. Include all the major events in your relationship so far, and end it with a scene where the boy proposes, and be ready with the ring.

1503, 2014

Word Game Proposal

Scrambled Word Game Proposal Idea Create large, individual letters that spell your proposal, and send them to her in a bunch of different ways, arriving over the course of a [...]

1302, 2014

Photoshop a Ring On Her Hand

Take a professional portrait photo, with her hand against her cheek. Photoshop a ring on her hand. Make it the last photo in a photo album of yoru special moments together, and share the album together. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: reviewing photos in an album, quiet romantic evenings.

3001, 2014

Formal Romantic Dinner at Home

Dress up as a butler or matre di to serve her favorite meal for a quiet romantic dinner at home. GREAT IF SHE LIKES :: quiet romantic evenings, candlelight, flowers, being treated like a queen





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