This is ONLY for stable, proven, longterm relationships that are ready for marriage!

I heard that someone did this, and it  seems very shocking to me, but I can imagine it for some people, so I am including it here!

Arrange for a week in Hawaii together, and tell her you are arranging a complete holiday surprise. Tell her to pack for fine dining, the beach, and a fancy party you have planned. Propose on the beach, as elaborate as you like, and then… have everything ready to marry her right then!


  • big surprises
  • travel
  • beaches and water
  • you taking charge
  • following your lead
  • and she is READY for SURE to marry you right now!
  • is not attached to a fancy wedding dress, or already owns one
  • is not attached to planning her wedding
  • is not attached to a particular wedding idea

This is a VERY rare woman who would like this idea, but if this is your sweetheart, it could totally rock her world.



  • Arrange with your sweetheart for a vacation for a week or more, with a few friends you will tell her about. Everyone else will travel secretly.
  • Tell her it’s a week in Hawaii at the beach, and you also have plans for fancy dinners and a formal party. (So she packs her formal clothes as well as sarongs and bikinis.)
  • Secretly arrange for both families, and all your mutual friends, to travel out there, separately.
  • Arrange for flights, a hotel, courtesy shuttle from the airport, activities, everything. Do NOT miss a detail. If you need help, work with a professional proposal planner, because details are their specialty.
  • Pick and prepare your proposal strategy and make all the arrangements. Many of our proposal ideas will be perfect!
  • When you have her “yes”, tell her you have everything arranged to get married tomorrow!
  • Plan ahead for all your mutual friends, family, and a minister to be there and prepare everything for tomorrow.
  • Have your wedding, and enjoy your honeymoon in paradise.
  • Fly back home, as a married couple.
  • For a risque version, you could make it a clothing optional wedding, which would avoid having to shop for a wedding dress at the last minute. This would only be for true naturists, though, and all of your friends would need to be in the same frame of mind. Very rare, but I have heard of naked weddings.

If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!