Take a professional portrait photo, with her hand against her cheek. Photoshop a ring on her hand. Make it the last photo in a photo album of your special moments together, and share the album together.
  • reviewing photo albums
  • quiet romantic evenings

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  • Arrange a date ahead of time, and get a solid commitment. Tell her its a romantic surprise.
  • Prepare a printed photo album (or movie if you are a techie) of all your favorite times together.
  • Add the new ring photo at the very end of the album or movie.
  • If you are a good cook, prepare a complete gourmet meal at home.
  • If you cater, pre-arrange for a friend to pick up the meal, while you are setting the table at home.
  • At the end of the meal, go over your photos together, slowly, with comments about how and why each moment was special. Mention how those moments made you feel, about yourself, and about her.
  • When you get to the final photo, and she sees the ring on her finger, offer the real one and make your proposal.
  • Plan and memorize the words of your proposal. Make it unique and memorable.
  • Prepare a huge framed photo of the ring photo, cover with a drape, and keep it covered for a special unveiling.
  • Use any of the other locations and places described in our other proposal ideas on this site.

You could make the review of the photo album the theme for an entire weekend out at a hotel or resort together, and review a few at a time.

The all-important diamond ring is essential, so why not find the best jewelers? If you want to buy online, go here: tested online jewelers, and if you want to buy locally if possible, go here: tested local jewelers
Buy a photo frame from a local card shop or photo specialty store.
Find her favorite flowers to decorate the table.

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