Ride up as a knight or a prince on horseback, and propose at a park to the queen of your heart.

  • horseback riding,
  • outdoors
  • knights, princes, kings, buccaneers, etc.


  • Arrange to meet her in a beautiful park near some riding stables.
  • If you are very certain about a yes, invite friends to be hiding nearby to celebrate with you after she answers.
  • Arrange for a friend to travel with her and keep you posted, to make sure she goes to the right place at the right time, and that you are ready at exactly the right moment.
  • Prearrange to rent a knight’s armor from a costume shop or theatrical company and pick it up on the way.
  • Prearrange to reserve a horse at a nearby riding stable, close enough you can ride easily to the park from the stables. Don the armor at the stables.
  • Ride up to meet her and offer to be her knight/prince/king. You could have her friend or someone else in the bushes nearby ready to play Holst’s “Jupiter,” or a favorite love song, as she starts to see you in the distance.
  • Present the diamond ring with princely flair on bent knee.
  • Take the reins, have her mount the horse, and walk with her horseback around to parade your future bride before your friends.

Instead of renting armor, you could dress up as a Roman Warrior, Emperor, Race Jockey, Mounted Police, Native American, Arab Shiek, Medieval Prince, Samarai Warrior, or Buccaneer — with corresponding adaptations to the rest of the costumes and details.


Arrange in advance to have an elegant dining table set with bread, wine, cheese, fruits, flowers, like a king would have in court. You could even set up a popup shade structure, and decorate it with silks, flowers, stuffed animals, or whatever matches the theme you choose. Of course have it all set up, and protected by friends until you arrive. Other additions could be a medieval head dress and blanket for the horse, and a crown for yourself as well as for the Queen of your heart.


If you have ANY ideas for making this idea even more awesome, please email me!