Arrange for a long weekend off together, and tell her you are arranging a pretend trip to a beach resort. Build the story that you will create a complete imaginary beach resort vacation for her. Then buy the tickets and actually fly to Cozumel together. Surprise! Use any of our other proposal ideas when you get there.


  • big surprises
  • travel
  • warm weather
  • beaches and water
  • you taking charge
  • following your lead



  • Arrange with your sweetheart for a date for a whole weekend. Tell her it’s an imaginary trip to Mexico, and you are having a total holiday weekend together.
  • Arrange for flights, a hotel, courtesy shuttle from the airport, everything. Do NOT miss a detail. If you need help, work with a professional proposal planner, because details are their specialty.
  • When it comes close to the date, ask what she would pack if she were going to a beach resort in Mexico. Ask her to pretend, and pack it like you were going for the real thing, down to the last detail.
  • Have her dress for travel, just like a real trip.
  • On the last night after her work, have the plane tickets ready butr hidden for now, and head for the airport, just like a real trip.
  • Show your tickets at the airport security, and she will start to realize this IS a real trip!
  • Have every detail planned for your weekend together, including the proposal idea. Many of our other proposal ideas will be perfect!
  • If the weather changes, create an alternative at your beach resort hotel room.
  • For a risque version, there are some very nice clothing optional resorts at beaches around the world, some of which offer extreme customer service and accommodations.
  • Pick her up in a limo. Arrange for the finest hotel in the region. Cater a meal on the beach and have them set up tables just for you. Arrange a private show of fire spinners, drummers, and hula dancers. Arrange for a private hula lesson and have a hula outfit waiting for her to change, complete with grass skirt and coconut bra. Go wild and crazy.
  • Take friends on the trip with you, or have them meet you, to offer support and help with all the arrangements, and of course to help you celebrate after you propose.
  • If you have friends there, create and print an elaborate artistic parchment paper that looks aged, with your proposal question. Roll the message and put it in an antique bottle with a waterproof closure. Bury it in the sand by one of the tables, where you have made reservations and confirmed that table with the beach restaurant. You might also have a friend watch the table to make sure it stays yours. Leave just a little of the top of the bottle showing where you buried it, but hide it with a rock. At the end of the meal, tell her you see something in the sand, and uncover the bottle, when you are ready to ask your question. It will look like it has always been there, waiting for her.



If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!