Romantic Surprises Along a Hiking Trail

Work with friends to surprise her with little romantic moments along a favorite hiking trail, ending at a picnic with food favorites.

  • hiking
  • outdoors
  • nature
  • exercise
  • picnics
  • Research trails, find some beautiful scenery with romantic little spots along the way.
  • Arrange with friends to hike ahead in secret, and setup some romantic events ahead.
  • Create some artful messages along the way, and have your friends protect them until you get there, and remove any personal belongings when you go to the next one.
  • Leave the art if its not personal. People love seeing art along a trail. I have done it many times.
  • Create messages using natural materials like rocks, sticks, and drawings in the dirt, that say “I love you, Marie”, or “Susan, your eyes light my way”, or “Cathy, your voice is music to me”, “Karen, your loving heart fills my every day with ecstacy”, “Devi, I am honored to be loved by you”, “Cara, I want to be your partner for life”, etc.
  • Your friends can hide until she reads the message, then join you at each stopping point.
  • At the last stop, set up a picnic ahead of time, and be ready with your proposal and ring.
  • Have your friends meet you there and have an engagement party on the trail! Everyone can bring some goodies to share.
  • Instead of various messages of love, you could make one series of words at each art stop, with the first word being “Mary”, the second word at the second stop saying “Will”, the third saying “You”, the fourth “Marry”, the fifth “Me?” It will make the trip a little predictable, but that in itself could be fun.
  • If you think she is more private, and might want to keep it more lowkey and less social, tell your friends to watch for you and hide when you get close. They can clean up and head home to meet you later.
  • If you want to make it more obvious, instead of using the various love messages above, you can create one word at each station, that says “Will” at the first stop, “You” at the second, “Marry” at the third, “Me” at the third.
  • You could have “YES” and “no” answers written out, with check boxes to write in, for fun.
  • If you have a lot of time and creativity and friends, do both kinds of messages. Start with messages, and then begin the separate words.
  • Have actor / artist / dancer friends create vignets along the way. Each stop could be about another significant event in your life. Here is a good example of that, in one of the proposal ideas by The Heart Bandits proposal planners.

If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!