You ask if I love you…


The words hesitate and resist my effort

To respond with speed, enthusiastically.


Is it not the truth that words are so coarse

And love is so deep and subtle

That love and words are not compatible?

Can a beating heart share itself wholly in words?


But try I will, to avoid the misunderstanding

That love lacks at all, or does not exist here.

I will say it with images, of nature’s loving,

For who knows love more than that?


Like the Sky loves Stars, I love thee.

Like a Tree loves Fruit, I love thee.

Like a Field loves Flowers, I love thee.

Like the Ocean loves Waves, I love thee.


Yes. Nature does it best. And without words.

It says love when it holds and praises a lover.

And like nature, I hold you more deeply in heart and mind

And far better than I will ever caress you with words.


~~ Robert Hensley