American Gem Trade Laboratory – The gemological laboratory created by AGS, now a separate company. They are regarded as one of the top labs in the country, with consistent and conservative grading. The concept of precise cut grading is the single greatest tool for consumers in decades, since it makes it unnecessary to learn everything about each proportion and measurement on a diamond, replacing that with a full analysis of how everything is working together to create the overall light performance and beauty of a diamond.

AGS is known for its Cut Grade, which is highly researched, technical and independently vetted. According to their website;

“The AGS Performance-Based Cut Grading System takes advantage of revolutionary hardware and software in considering a diamond’s performance. The key to this paradigm change in Cut grading is leading-edge technology that traces light as it travels through a diamond. The AGS Performance Cut Grade system is the most technologically advanced, scientifically rigorous, and independently vetted cut grade system available in the world.”