We at The Heart Bandits believe flash mobs are so 2012. While they are still popular, be more creative and think of a new spin on it like our Freeze Mob Proposal shown below.

Here are some things to consider when putting your own spin on a Mob proposal idea:

What Are Your Hobbies?

Maybe you love riding bicycles together or you can’t get enough of Segway tours.  Could this be potential to create a Mob style proposal?

Think About Location

Perhaps you stick to a somewhat traditional Flash Mob because you just can’t get enough of dancing and singing to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.  But even still, there is a chance for you to be creative.  Think of the place you first said “I love you”.  Was it in the Space Needle?  Maybe in a cave in Napa?  You could have your mob style proposal there.

Add Unique Element

Find a way to add something unique to your Mob style proposal.  Maybe everyone is wearing the uniform you met her in while you delivered her a package. Perhaps everyone is dancing with the scarf you bought her on your first Christmas.  Let your thoughts wander and brainstorm any ideas that come to mind.

Hire a Professional

If you really want to blow her mind and come up with the perfect proposal idea, consider hiring a Proposal Planner to take it over the top.  When looking for the right Proposal Planner, hire someone that has plenty of samples of past work (preferably in the style of proposal you are planning) and check out online reviews and testimonials.