Rent a limosine for the evening. Have the driver pick you up first, then pick her up at home or work. Make reservations at your favorite fine restaurant, and re-arrange for the staff to serve you a three course dinner in the limo outside. Ask her after dessert.


  • fine dining
  • limosines
  • public affection
  • taking risks



  • Arrange for a date. Research to see if your favorite restaurant will serve you outside, in a limosine. If not, find another one that will. You might have to be willing to pay extra, or agree to an extra large tip, because of the extra time and attention it takes to serve you outside.
  • See if you can find out from her girlfriends if there is a party dress she really likes at a local store.
  • Rent a limosine for the entire evening, and arrange for the driver to visit you first, and put up the privacy screen. Be dressed to the hilt in a fancy suit, a tux, or whatever matches her party dress.
  • Buy a gorgeous party dress that she has picked out before with her girlfriends, or pick up her favorite fancy dress at home, and hang it in the limosine when he comes for you.
  • Ride in the limo to pick up her up at her work or home. Give the driver an ipod or pick your favorite Pandora channel for him to play.
  • Tell her you have a special date planned, and you would love to watch her put on the dress while you drive.
  • Arrive at the restaurant, and call them or go in, to say you are outside and ready. They should be prepared to serve you entirely outside, using trays.
  • Since you have privacy, you can smooch and make out all you like.
  • Enjoy the salad course, the main course, and dessert.
  • At the planned moment, ask her your proposal question.
  • If she is open-minded and enjoys risk-taking, you could feed each other, or eat out of each others hands.
  • After you are both satiated with food and love, have the driver take you home together to celebrate more.
  • For the risque version, you could kiss and fondle each other in the limo during dinner. If you feel a little jittery about getting caught, just ask the waiters to knock before they open the door to serve you.
  • For the more risque version, if she likes risk-taking, and is open-minded, you could make love in the limo. It’s very common according to limo drivers I know.
  • You could arrange this to happen at a friends house, instead of a restaurant, where your friends act as the chefs and servers, and they are comfortable with you kissing or more.
  • For the most risque version, if you are both into kink, you could eat dinner at a fine restaurant as above, but then head to a kink shop after and try out some new toys.

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