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Diamond Information

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Home Page — Great new Web site by the most respected gemological organization in the world, with diamond grading laboratories (Gem Trade Laboratories — GTL) in New York and California. Also good consumer information about diamonds and other gems.

Sample GIA Certificates (interactive guides to all the reports they have offered over the years).

American Gem Society (AGS)

Home Page — The most respected organization of jewelery retailers. Gemological information for consumers, AGS members, etc.

Sample AGS Certificates with interactive explanation of each part of the certificate and what it means.

European Gemological Laboratories (EGL)

Home Page — The largest organization of independent gemological laboratories in the world.

Sample EGL Certificate with description.

Jewelers of America (JA)

Home Page — Site for the trade organization of jewelers. Basic information on all kinds of jewelry topics. Search for local members in your area.

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC)

Home Page — The association that polices the jewelry industry and ensures integrity among members.

DeBeers — A Diamond Is Forever

Home Page — For diamond consumers. Site has a great feature that lets you use your imagination to create your dream ring online.

Site Index — For a complete list of all areas

FTC article: Guide for Jewelry

List of laws dealing with common scams and rules for the jewelry trade

FTC article: How to Buy Jewelry

Official government article on buying jewelry, including some good tips and precise explanations of diamond terminology.

General Consumer Resources

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Home Page — The national center for rules and regulations that govern what stores and manufacturers can say about their products.

Consumer Reports

Home Page — Ralph Nader’s well-known center for unbiased consumer information on product comparisons, pricing, safety research, etc.

Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs

Home Page — Excellent resource for consumer information and legal issues.

Better Business Bureau (BBB Online)

Home Page — The well-known watchdog working for better business practices online and off.