One thing is for sure these days, proposals are getting more extreme than ever.  When Doug contacted The Heart Bandits to plan his proposal, his hope was that his over-the-top love would translate into an equally over-the-top proposal. I think you will agree, it did.

How can you have your own extreme proposal idea?  Follow these steps!

Wrack Your Brain

Doug had a background in magic, so kicking off his proposal with making himself disappear was a no-brainer.  What insane skills or talents do you have that you could incorporate into the proposal?  Are you a fire-breather?  Do you breakdance?  Think about it, and use that in your proposal.

Think of Her

A proposal must be inclusive of things she likes as well.  In this video, the reason Doug dressed up as Kung Fu Panda, alongside a Minion, is because his girlfriend loved those movies.  What unique things does your girlfriend like that could be included in the marriage proposal of the year?


What good is it to have a crazy marriage proposal if no one can see it?  Hire a photographer or videographer to capture your proposal so the world can see how much you love her and how awesome you are!

Planning a proposal of this magnitude can be overwhelming. After you get your engagement ring, head over to the The Heart Bandits to plan your big day.