Deciding Diamond Size : Budget vs. Quality

The next step toward finding the right diamond is to learn what size, or carat weight, you want to pay for.

First, consider and decide on the three main factors :

  1. Quality you want
  2. Budget you want
  3. Size you want

First, decide which of these is most important to you. Let that be your foundation and go from there.

Below is the fastest and most accurate approach to deciding the size of diamond to look for.

Research live listings at a large online diamond database.

I will teach you how to price any diamond later, in the diamond pricing tutorial, but for now, we can experiment with your budget and see what size of diamond you can afford with that budget, in the quality you are wanting.

[Hint :: If size is most important, enter size first in the search engine, and adjust the other factors to arrive at your best options. If quality is most important, enter quality first. And if budget is most important, enter that first.]

Open in a new window ::’s “Diamond Finder“.

In the diamond search form:

  • Select your choice for “Shape”
  • For now, enter whatever “Carat” weight you want (to get started)
  • Select your range for Color (ex: “G to H”)
  • Select your range for Clarity (ex: “VS1 to VS2”)
  • Skip “Depth” and “Table” for now
  • Select “Sort by carat”
  • Check the box for “descending order”
  • Click Start Search

Narrow your search until you decide the size of diamond you can afford!

One site is enough for this exercise for now.

Bit of Advice:

The secret is to find a good jeweler you can rely on, for answers to any questions you might have along the way. You might want to start with the tested internet jewelers and the tested local jewelers. Read our reports and make a decision about that first and foremost. If nothing else, they are good benchmarks to compare anyone else you might find on your own. If you have done that, then move on to Step 4.