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When you need to sell diamonds or gold, you might get the best prices by sending them in to the central buying facilities, where the overhead is less. Here are a few places to invesitgate.


WARNING :: I am still researching and writing this page. Come back soon! Contact me directly if you need this info asap.


I Vouch For These Buyers ::

The following stores I have fully and completely tested as diamond sellers, and verified their backgrounds. I personally vouch for their integrity and customer care.

Diamond Buyers – USA

Keith Shaftel is one of the original diamond dealers online, and a member of the Diamond Dealers Club of America. His family has been operating as Diamond Buyers USA to buy diamonds from across the country since 1978. I have known Keith for over a decade, and have used his expertise many times for his special knowledge about larger diamonds above 6 carats (but he buys and sells all sizes).

They have a very unique video check-in procedure, where you are able to watch a video as they open your package, evaluate your diamond jewelry, and write you a check – all from the comfort of your own home. It really helps you feel safe!

Washington Diamond ::

Service to sell your fine, GIA or AGS certified diamonds on consignment, to get more cash for your diamonds. I have known Tom and Walter for over a decade, and have learned to trust and respect them as leaders in their community, as well as authorities in buying and selling diamonds. They specialize in buying finer diamonds with GIA and AGS certificates.

Consignment Service
What They Accept
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Credible Buyers ::

The following stores have good websites with all the key signs of integrity. I have not yet finished fully testing them as buyers. So far, I have verified their BBB ratings, examined their websites and interviewed their staff.

Express Jewelry Buyers – 

Leo Hamel Fine JewelersBuying locally in San Diego area only.

US Gold Buyers

Cash for Diamonds USA

The Diamond Valet

WP Diamonds

Diamond Exchange USA


Consignment and Reseller Sites

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