Reasons People Like to Buy Locally

Let’s face it. You are going to find good local jewelers and bad ones. So take care, whether you shop online or locally.

Remember: A dishonest jeweler can cheat you no matter how MUCH you know. And an honest jeweler will give you a great deal, no matter how LITTLE you know.

Out of the 10,000 stores so far, I have probably tested stores in your area. So do your homework on the jeweler, even more than you do on the diamond. That is the way to find the best deal… you need to find the best dealer.

Here are the stores that passed my tests in your area :: Local Jeweler Reviews

Top Reasons to Buy Locally

Shoppers who look online for diamonds need to make many sacrifices to save just a small amount of money. The few stores recommended by FindMyJeweler passed the test for honesty, but also offer more services than internet dealers, without sacrificing the savings.

How local FindMyJeweler stores are better than internet stores:

  • Selection of Diamonds — recommended stores carry a very large selection so you can see many stones in one visit and compare easily
  • See Before You Buy — you can see your diamond before you buy it
  • Microscopes — you should always look at a diamond under a microscope before buying
  • Selection of Settings — settings are hard to compare until you see them in person
  • Instant Delivery — take it home with you today
  • Local Repairs — if your ring gets bent when she is biking, etc., a local jeweler can repair it quickly
  • Checkups — a local jeweler can check the prongs on your setting and keep it tight to protect your investment
  • Returns — return or exchange your diamond instantly
  • Older Business — most local stores in the network have been in business since before the internet became popular
  • Proper Lighting — most recommended stores have full-spectrum lighting in the diamond viewing area for realistic comparisons
  • Convenient Location — most stores are located in convenient stores near major highways for easy access

You Get What You Pay For

If you are going to compare local prices with internet stores, keep in mind that it costs the local retailer a lot of money to offer all of the benefits above. It is amazing that recommended stores manage to give you all this and charge only a tiny bit more than online stores without all these benefits. This is how a local jeweler has to operate:

  • Selection — most stores take bank loans to buy the diamonds you see (a loan means interest costs)
  • See Before You Buy — payroll for staff and a security system to keep you safe both cost money
  • Microscopes — each scope costs between $1000 and $6000.
  • Selection of Settings — settings cost money, and a good selection is a major investment requiring loans and interest
  • Instant Delivery — instant fulfillment is the way of our times
  • Local Repairs — a good jeweler can set your stone as you wait, and a jeweler is another expense
  • Checkups — peace of mind to keep your diamond in the setting is priceless
  • Returns — you feel safer when you know you can take your purchase back if she does not say yes
  • Older Business — established
  • Proper Lighting — full-spectrum lighting and display counters cost thousands more than household lighting
  • Convenient Location — the best locations are more expensive

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