Choosing Your Own Online Jeweler (Do-It-Yourself)

If you are going to look around on your own for a jeweler, be aware that the reputation of a store can be created by advertizing. Don’t go by what they say about themselves. Go by what experts, your friends, and other customers say about them. In the next lesson, I will explain how I test online jewelers using the full spectrum of insider info I can access. Too much? If this sounds like too much to do, here are the online jewelers that passed MY tests. And for the curious, here are the online jewelers that failed.

Questions to Test Your Jeweler

To sell diamonds well, it requires specialized contacts and knowledge that most jewelers never develop. This is especially true online. Ask a jeweler these questions (or find the answers on their website) to see if the store measures up to the necessary standards. Any negative answers, move on, because you can find stores that do it better. A jeweler must answer YES to ALL questions below if you want ::

  • to get what you want
  • to receive what they promise
  • the lowest price
  • quality diamonds
  • excellent service
  • knowledgeable guidance

If not, consider buying your diamond from someone else, even though that retailer may be an excellent, reputable source for other jewelry. Happy hunting! Questions For Online Stores ::

  1. Will you tell me the Rapaport wholesale diamond price list for the diamonds I choose?
  2. Does each diamond come with a grading certificate from one of the respected independent gem labs (GIA, AGS)?
  3. Do you offer a written, 30-day, money back guarantee?
  4. Have you properly handled all outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau? (You can also call the BBB in your area to find out.)
  5. Has your company been online for at least 10 years?
  6. Do you have a GIA Graduate Gemologist to answer all my questions?
  7. Can you email me actual microscopic photos of the diamond before I buy?
  8. Can you email me a copy of the certificate to see what it says for myself?
  9. Do you have a jeweler inhouse to make my rings and set my diamond?
  10. Can you deliver my ring by the date I need, and guarantee delivery?
  11. Will you get a diamonds in, and look at it yourself, to make sure it is eye clean before you send it to me?
  12. Do you include a written guarantee, a full description of the entire ring, and an appraisal with my purchase?
  13. Do you include an attractive ring box or packaging?

Be Careful ::

Without access to credit checks, trade reputation, customer interviews, management interviews, and more, it will be hard to know a jeweler for sure. Of course, that is where I come in. See my Tested Jewelers to find out who passed my investigative testing methods.

Call Around

Now make some calls and find an online jeweler who can answer YES to all of these questions. Make an appointment if needed. I would suggest :: Call and compare your experience on the phone (not just the website – which can be faked by anyone) to your experience on the phone with the online stores we tested, to see how your choice stacks up against a store I know is good. If you find a good one, let me know who and why, and I can add them to my list of stores to test, next time I am scanning for internet jewelers in my schedule.


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