Buying Online or Local? How to Decide

Both Have Risks and Challenges

If you are feeling wary about safety when buying online, you have good reason. There are many stories about scams and bad deals online.

The solution is :: choosing an online store with proven integrity as well as low prices.

If you are wondering about pricing at local stores with all that overhead, you have good reason. It does increase prices to have a major showroom in a high traffic, high rent location that is convenient and beautiful. Many stores do mark up jewelry over twice what they pay to cover the added overhead.

The solution is :: choosing a local store with low prices as well as local service and integrity.

You Can Find Good Jewelers in Both Places

Excellent jewelers exist, both online and locally, with great prices, quality, and selection, most importantly…. integrity. You just have to find the good ones, and know how to avoid the scammers….

I tested stores in both categories. I know both local and online stores that will give you a good deal on a diamond, no matter how much or how little you know. I can give you my test results and you can pick whoever you want to buy from.

Decide What’s Best for YOU

Therefore, no matter whether you choose to buy online or locally, if you choose well, you can have it all. The question is rather… which approach is better for YOU.

How to decide ::

The best online stores offer ::

  • Lowest prices
  • Largest selection of diamonds
  • Fastest service
  • Largest business
  • Personalized service
  • Strong worldwide connections
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reliable guarantees

The best local stores offer ::

  • Look before you buy
  • Low prices
  • Largest selection of settings
  • Best learning experience
  • Local repairs, service, and cleaning
  • Local family business
  • Strong local connections
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reliable guarantees

Also consider buying online if you ::

  • travel a lot
  • rent your home
  • plan to move
  • feel secure buying online

Also consider buying locally if you ::

  • do not travel as much
  • own your home
  • plan to stay in this area
  • feel secure buying locally

Decided? Pick your path….




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