Laser Inscriptions on Diamonds

If you want to feel secure about the identity of your diamond forever, we recommend having it laser inscribed with your unique message and/or lab certificate number.


Some laboratories inscribe the certificate number on the girdle (the outer perimeter of a diamond), but you may wish to add a personal message of your own.


Personal inscriptions are becoming very popular and are now available from many sources. Ask your dealer about laser inscriptions before you buy.

Plan some time for this service — it may take an additional week or more.

What Is Laser Inscription?

Laser Inscription of diamonds is a process of using a very fine, precise laser beam to write a graphic logo, or customized personal message, or laboratory certificate number on the outside perimeter of a diamond, which is called the Girdle.

The precise heat of a tiny laser beam transforms a very thin layer (just a few atoms thick) of the diamond from transparent carbon crystal (diamond) into opaque carbon (graphite). This gives the inscription a 3D appearance under a microscope. Laser inscription is considered permanent since it can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter. Laser inscription does not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

The laser inscription is microscopic — totally invisible to the naked eye. It can only be seen with a jewelers’ 10x magnifying loupe. To use the laser inscription to identify your diamond later, you will need a loupe and learn how to use it. Or you can use a good magnifier, with at least a 10x magnifying lens.


10x Jeweler’s Loupe

When you buy a diamond, ask for a loupe, and the training to use it. They may or not give you a loupe for free, but it’s worth asking. The training though, should be part of the jeweler’s service, out of caring for you and the future security your purchase.

The inscription is considered permanent but, if needed, the inscription can be removed by a professional diamond cutter without any change in the weight, appearance or size of your diamond.

Mounted Stones Stay in the Mounting

Some labs (we know at least one) can laser inscribe your mounted diamond in the ring without taking it out of the setting. This saves time and greatly reduces the risk of accidental damage that can occur when a stone is removed from its mounting for inscribing.


Laser inscription has many advantages:

  • Identity
    When you take your diamond ring for setting or repairs, you can identify it and be certain that you receive the same diamond when you return to pick it up.
  • Permanent Memento
    You can engrave special messages, dates or short sayings. A laser inscription acts as the perfect, private, permanent memento of the special event.
  • Peace of Mind
    Nothing protects your investment better than the ability to identify your diamond without fail, any time. You will feel better knowing that no one can switch your diamond, whether on purpose or by accident.
  • Insurance Savings
    Some insurance companies appreciate the added security measure this provides. Ask your insurance company about possible discounts on your jewelry rider.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every dealer and every laser lab will charge differently, according to the technology used and the volume of business. But generally speaking, you will find that it adds between $40 and $200 to the price, with larger stones costing more. Ask your dealer for details.



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