Reading Diamond Certs :: Date on the Certificate

The date on a certificate is more important than you think.

The date is important because it might tell you to ask if the stone might have been worn and damaged since the diamond was evaluated.

If a certificate is 2 years old, for example, it would be possible for the diamond to have been graded, sold, set, worn for a while, damaged a little during normal wear and tear, taken out of the setting, sold to a jeweler, and put back out on display at a store.

So we recommend you should ask if the diamond is new or worn, when a certificate is older than 2 years.

Diamonds are not invincible. They can be cracked, chipped, or abraided around the edge (the Girdle). This alone can make the diamond less valuable — and if the damage is large enough, less attractive as well. And if you recut the stone to remove the damage, the lost weight will still decrease the value of the diamond accordingly.

Therefore, for any diamond with a certificate that is more than a year old, I suggest you ask to make sure it has not been worn since the certificate was written. If you the diamond has been graded after it was returned, then it’s fine, because any wear and tear is indicated in the clarity grade, and you have nothing to worry about.

You can also examine the stone under a scope and look for abrasion around the girdle, which is the most common damage during normal wear and tear.


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