Create a photo album of your life together, using stuffed animals to tell the story, like claymation. Include all the major events in your relationship so far, and end it with a scene where the boy proposes, and be ready with the ring.


  • stuffed animals
  • photo albums
  • romantic moments
  • story telling



  • Write a script about many of the milestone or memorable events in your relationship, all the way from how you met, to your first date, your first kiss, your first lovemaking, your first double date, travels together, and other peak experiences together.
  • Act out the script, using stuffed animals to represent you and her. Either use the ones she loves already, or buy new ones to create new memories.
  • Have someone take photos of your stuffed animal scenarios, like claymation.
  • When you have all the photos, make a bound book.
  • Arrange a date, and give the book as a wrapped present, for no reason at all.
  • Go over the book, page by page, and discuss all the events you are remembering together.
  • At the end of the book, have the male character propose, and have your ring ready to ask the real question.


  • Create a set, like a live puppet show, and have someone take photos as you act out your script.
  • Create a mini-video, using talking characters online. A good example is this site ::
  • For an expensive version, use the same script, and hire actors to create the show, either on video, or live in your home.



If you have suggestions to make this idea more complete and successful, please email me!