Gemesis Diamond Co., a leading maker of man-made diamonds (also known as lab-grown or Synthetic Diamond), announced recently they are offering fancy pink diamonds on its website for the first time.

Fancy Pink is one of the most rare Fancy Colors of diamond in nature, and man-made diamonds are becoming more available. They also sell man-made colorless and yellow diamonds. Sizes range from .50 to 1.50 carats in weight at this time for the fancy pinks, and up to 3.00 carats for colorless and yellows. Many shapes are available.

See the full article at JCK Online about :: Company Announces Synthetic Pink Diamonds


This is a solid sign that companies are continuing to invest in the technology to create more and better diamonds in the lab. What this means for consumers is that we can expect more availability in the future. But do not expect this to affect the price of natural diamonds, anymore than the price of natural pearls was affected by the advent of cultured pearls. In fact, that only made pearls more available, and more popular, and natural pearls prices remained the same or increased. I expect the same for the diamond market, though the trade is split on this issue.

The other concern is that these stones will go unmarked, and be sold as natural in the stores, and the concern is somewhat valid. So far, Gemesis and other makers have all agreed to diligently mark their diamonds with special laser inscriptions and market them separately to respected dealers only.