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1906, 2014

Yes, Jewelers Can Be Held Legally Liable for Bad Lab Reports

It seems like more and more jewelers are selling diamonds with reports from so-called lenient labs; some retailers have even adopted this as a business model. Yet, doing this might [...]

1906, 2014

Alex and Ani…at a Crossroads?

Alex and Ani has always been an unconventional company built around unconventional people. Rhode Islander Carolyn Rafaelian had a nice business selling bangles to department stores when she recruited local [...]

3005, 2014

Is Zale a Fixer-Upper?

The vote on Zale's acquisition of Signet is set for Thursday. Given the repeated attacks on the buyout from 9.5 percent shareholder TIG advisors, I have no idea how it [...]

2105, 2014

Signet’s Acquisition of Zale Hits a Pretty Big Bump

With TIG Advisors sending out almost-daily missives expressing opposition to Signet's deal for Zale, it is clear that the purchase now faces a rockier road than it had in the [...]

1705, 2014

Online Might Be Taking Over Retail. But Not Necessarily Jewelry (for Now)

Business Insider just came out with a slide show featuring a bunch of scary-sounding charts demonstrating the growth of e-commerce. “Let's face it, the old retail model is dying fast,” [...]

1705, 2014

Different Grading Lab Standards: Jewelers Strike Back

Whether it strikes a nerve with consumers, the two-part TV story that ran this week on Genesis Diamonds in Nashville certainly found a responsive audience in our industry, given the [...]

2803, 2014

Swiss Manufacturers Should Be Scared of Smartwatches.

With Baselworld here, various news sources have asked watchmakers their opinions of smartwatches. The answers are mostly the same. Here's The New York Times, quoting Swatch CEO Nick Hayek: [Smartwatches] [...]

2503, 2014

The Extent of the Industry’s Shrinkage

So the theme of the week has been industry consolidation, given the JBT's year-end stats and Signet's pending purchase of Zale. Yesterday, as an experiment, I looked up National Jeweler's [...]

2403, 2014

The New Landscape Following the Signet-Zale Merger

Some thoughts about where the jewelry business stands now that Signet and Zale are tying the knot: It could be harder for competitors to get their names out. Every Christmas [...]

2203, 2014

The Latest Twist in the Online Sales Tax Debate

The push for an online sales tax has taken a surprising new twist. The way most proposals, including the one that passed the Senate, work is that residents pay sales [...]

2203, 2014

Is the Diamond Benchmark Outdated?

This week brought news of a class-action lawsuit that charges the five banks overseeing the daily gold price fix with manipulating the market. For those unfamiliar, since 1919, London fix [...]

2203, 2014

Why Being a Mediocre Retailer Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

This week, RadioShack announced plans to shut 1,100 stores. This led to a slew of unpleasant headlines, even as its CEO talked about how the company would now offer a [...]

1303, 2014

Prices Soar as Supply Goes Down

[Editor's Note :: This article is for dealers attending the Tucson show, but it gives consumers a good idea of how things are going, and prices are rocketing this year, [...]

503, 2014

Fashion at the Academy Awards

On Sunday March 2nd, at the 86th annual Academy Awards, a lot of strong fashion placements on the nominees, winners, and presenters will influence the fashion trends we see in jewelers stores, and on the streets every day. Here is a huge list of who wore what on the Red Carpet...

2011, 2013

Jeweler Gets Exposure in “Hunger Games” Movie

Designer Claudio Pino Catches Fire With 'Hunger Games' Jewelry If you ask us, the Hunger Games films are as much about style as story. So when The Hunger Games: Catching [...]

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