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2203, 2014

Why the Pink Star Sale Was Canceled

Two weeks ago, it was announced that the record-setting November sale of the 59.6 ct. Pink Star, which dealer Isaac Wolf bought from Sotheby's for $83.1 million on behalf of [...]

1303, 2014

$1,000,000 Reward for Stolen Swiss Diamond

A $1 MILLION dollar reward has been offered to anyone who can report the location of a 17.48 carat diamond stolen from it's owner in Switzerland. They suspect it has already been sold to a new buyer, so they will also pay whatever the current owner may have paid for it, plus the reward, to have it back.

503, 2014

Fashion at the Academy Awards

On Sunday March 2nd, at the 86th annual Academy Awards, a lot of strong fashion placements on the nominees, winners, and presenters will influence the fashion trends we see in jewelers stores, and on the streets every day. Here is a huge list of who wore what on the Red Carpet...

2602, 2014

Engagement Rings of the Rich and Famous

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and celebrities are America’s favorite past time what do you get when you put the two together? The answer is simple. A media frenzy ...

1809, 2013

Auctioning Kim Kardashian’s 20 Carat Engagement Ring

The 20 ct. t.w. diamond engagement ring that Kris Humphries gave to Kim Kardashian reportedly is being auctioned by Christie’s New York on Oct. 15, 2013.

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