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1803, 2014

Husband and Wife Store Owners Killed

This is one reason why jewelry stores are difficult and costly to operate. I had a 30-06 rifle pointed at my face by a 17-year-old suicidal pregnant girl when I [...]

1303, 2014

$1,000,000 Reward for Stolen Swiss Diamond

A $1 MILLION dollar reward has been offered to anyone who can report the location of a 17.48 carat diamond stolen from it's owner in Switzerland. They suspect it has already been sold to a new buyer, so they will also pay whatever the current owner may have paid for it, plus the reward, to have it back.

2011, 2013

Bold Jewelry Heist in Irving, CA

Masked thieves in black layers held up a jewelry boutique in Irving, CA, in full view of cameras. According to JCK magazine, on Nov. 17, seven armed robbers walked into [...]

811, 2013

$5 Million Stolen from Atlanta Jeweler

On Nov. 7, 2013 three suspects robbed Atlanta fine jewelry store Elif Fine Jewelry by gunpoint. According to regional news website Atlanta INtown, the suspects wore masks and gloves and [...]

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