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3006, 2014

Why Didn’t Synthetic Gemstones Kill the Natural Gem Business?

There are those, particularly in the consumer media, who predict that the arrival of lab-grown diamonds will kill the market for natural gemstones. After all, why would consumers pay less [...]

1906, 2014

Can Lab-Grown Diamonds Be Called Eco-Friendly?

During the Natural Color Diamond Association panel on synthetic diamonds at the JCK show two weeks ago, Jewelers Vigilance Committee president and CEO Cecilia Gardner said something I found quite [...]

2405, 2014

EGL USA: “We’re Different”

Earlier this month, a Tennessee TV station slammed a local store for using reports from EGL International, a lab that it claims has lower grading standards. (EGL International did not [...]

1804, 2014

Are Synthetic Diamonds a Threat to the Natural Industry?

Last week, Israel Diamond Exchange unveiled a new slogan: “Natural is real.” The slogan is a clever play on the word Israel, and a less-clever poke in the eye to [...]

1404, 2014

Meet Bluedax, the RapNet for Rough

There's a lot of talk about whether rough should be traded in Antwerp or Dubai. But in the last year, a new market has emerged that could prove equally significant­—online. [...]

704, 2014

De Beers Entering Synthetic Diamond Market?

Promoters of synthetic diamonds often argue that if all diamonds are grown in a lab, it would eliminate blood diamonds. The problem with that logic, which is recognized by most [...]

2401, 2014

GIA Develops Synthetic Diamond Detector

GIA has developed a much-needed machine to help detect if a diamond is natural, or possibly lab grown or treated. With the increase in synthetic (man-made, lab-grown) diamonds in the [...]

2510, 2013

Company Announces Synthetic Pink Diamonds

According to Senior Editor Rob Bates of JCK Magazine, Gemesis Diamond Co., a leading maker of man-made diamonds (also known as lab-grown or Synthetic Diamond), announced recently they are offering fancy pink diamonds on its website for the first time.

902, 2005

AGS is Changing the Market

AGS Cut Grades Changing the Market AGS is soon changing the entire landscape for the diamond market, from cutters of the rough all the way up to the final consumer [...]

702, 2005

Everything About Cut Grade

Here is the best list of articles we can find right now about everything you could possible want to know about grading a diamond for cut. This is intense, technical, [...]

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