Where can I sell my diamond (or ring)?

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Posted by Robert Hensley
Asked on July 11, 2014 10:17 pm
Category: QA: Diamond Scams
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Selling Your Diamond

If you have a diamond you no longer need or want, you have three best options ::

  1. Sell it locally to the public
    1. might get you the most money for your diamond
    2. greatest risk of someone cheating you
    3. you need to buy ads
  2. Sell it locally to a store or pawn shop
    1. takes time to drive around to many shops
    2. safest way to sell
    3. price you get will vary greatly from store to store
  3. Ship it to an online buyer out of town
    1. good potential for good price
    2. can be done safely with a little homework
    3. may take a week to get a check back
    4. very little effort or time required

Go here to see my list of companies I recommend as diamond buyers online.

There you will find a list of online diamond buyers I vouch for, others that look good so far (but not tested yet), as well as some consignment sellers.

(I will soon have a tutorial for How to Sell Your Diamonds Online or Locally. But it’s not written yet! Wow, so many ways to help people… yikes.)

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Posted by Robert Hensley
Answered on July 18, 2014 1:34 am
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