Should I give her a loose diamond, or have it set in a ring?

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Posted by Robert Hensley
Asked on July 12, 2014 4:09 am
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Buying a loose diamond is a good idea, but then you have a choice to set it before she sees it, or give it to her loose. Most people choose to give a fully mounted diamond, because of the safety and convenience.

But if she doesn\'t like the ring, you might be stuck with the investment you made in the ring setting.If you give it to her loose, without setting in a ring, how can you present it, but keep it safe?

BUYING a loose diamond is the best if you want:

  • The best selection in the world
  • To see the whole diamond before the setting covers the edges
  • To custom design your own ring from scratch
  • To get the best price and avoid the jewelers’ extra markups

PRESENTING a loose diamond could also be great:

  • She can choose the setting, which is the most important factor for most women.
  • You control the price range of the most expensive part of the ring.
  • You can surprise her and pop the question in a dramatic way.
  • The diamond you do want is often in a setting you don’t want.
  • You avoid paying for a solitaire setting she might never wear.

When you buy a loose diamond, you get the diamond you want at the price you want, she gets the setting she wants, you make it a surprise and you avoid extra expenses!

How to Present a Loose Diamond

Concerned about how to present a diamond without a ring box?

Make sure your diamond dealer supplies a special presentation box for loose diamonds, such as a professional diamond paper or better yet…. a File-a-Gem plastic sleeve to hold the stone securely in a presentation box.

[caption id=\"attachment_3571\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"400\"] Use these materials to present a loose diamond for your proposal.[/caption]

Many jewelers set the diamond into a ring before you see it. There are three reasons for this:

  1. it does help protect the diamond from accidental loss or switching, and
  2. they can make an additional profit from the ring (can’t blame them)
  3. they can hide some flaws under a prong

When I sold loose diamonds to someone that wanted her to design the ring, for example, we gave the items below with each order. Ask what your dealer will supply with your order… before you buy.

Ask for these items so you can make the best presentation:

  • Certificate from a respected, independent gem lab (GIA, AGS, EGL)
  • Black, velvet box designed for presenting a loose diamond (best is a File-a-Gem card and custom box)
  • 10x jeweler’s loupe for examining the diamond (especially useful if your diamond has a laser inscription for identity and security)
  • A written price and quality guarantee
  • 30-day return policy and return instructions
  • Receipt with amount paid and method of payment
  • Contact information for customer service
  • Instructions for proper care of a diamond
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Posted by Robert Hensley
Answered on July 18, 2014 3:00 am
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