Are you biased?

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Posted by Robert Hensley
Asked on July 12, 2014 4:05 am
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This is my favorite question!

I am guessing you are asking that question because you need reassurance that I am giving you good advice. And in your experience bias has been without integrity, where someone is trying to get your money with dishonesty and lies. In that way, I am NOT biased.

Bias can have a better definition. Bias at its best is a belief in someone, and you can arrive at trust and belief after a valid experience.

Is it harmful or untruthful when you tell your friends about a restaurant you visited and loved? You are biased about that restaurant now, but you arrived at that bias from experience that creates trust in the quality of the restaurant. When you tell friends about that restaurant, you are telling them the truth about their service, prices, quality, etc. In that case, your bias is beneficial to your friends.

On the other hand, if you were paid to tell a lie about a restaurant that served lousy food and charged too much, that would be a harmful bias, without honesty and integrity, promoting them for your gain only, at your friend’s expense.

I tested all the stores in each area, so I have a beneficial bias, with integrity, from experience and expertise. Stores cannot win my listings by paying. They have to earn it with excellent service and pass my tests.

Here is How I Test Online Stores, and How I Test Local Stores.

This is a Win-Win-Win

This is a three way win, because I test all the stores in a city before I decide which one meets all our criteria, which are long and hard to find. Then, and only then, I ask them for a referral fee. So no matter what you call it, bias or not, you still get a great jeweler if you visit the ones I recommend. There are many stores on our list that pass my tests but do not pass along a referral fee, but they remain on my list anyway.

So be careful when your definition of bias leads you toward a judgement or bias against my recommendations. When done with integrity, bias is a good and necessary attribute of integrity. For most of our experience in the world, certainly in my own, I agree that bias is usually devoid of integrity, for instance when a store can just pay and not qualify with their services to get on a “best” list.

In my business model, I am biased after testing, which is the truthful result of my personal experience, and not just because a business is paying me.

Also, remember that I answer all your diamond questions, no matter where you buy, so you get that service no matter what you call my service. This is a unique approach to business, completely open and transparent, so I hope you see the value of it.

And in the end, no matter what, I just want you to look at these stores that pass my tests, call and visit to see for yourself how they compare, from your own experience, and make your own decisions. I can’t, and would not, force you to buy anywhere. That is always up to you. But if you do not consider the stores I found to be the best, you are not giving yourself the chance to have the best experience in your search for a diamond. That I can guarantee.

So technically I am not biased in the usual perception of the word, because my recommendations benefit you and I am NOT making money at your expense.

Here is how I test stores :: How I Test Jewelers. No hiding.

Here is how I make money :: How I Make Money. No hiding.

And here is why I do this :: My Father Got Cheated.

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Posted by Robert Hensley
Answered on July 18, 2014 2:21 am
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