AGS Cut Grades Changing the Market

AGS is soon changing the entire landscape for the diamond market, from cutters of the rough all the way up to the final consumer that wears the finished diamond on her hand. This is going to be announced to the public in August I think, but we are hearing about it already in the trade.

The change has to do with the way they are going to grade the cut of a diamond. Actually, what makes it such a big change, is that they are not going to grade the cut now. Rather, they are going to measure the performance of the diamond in the way it returns light to the viewer. This means they are going to evaluate ACTUAL brilliance of the diamond, instead of trying to PREDICT brilliance based on so-called ideal parameters for the stone’s measurements and proportions. This is truly revolutionary, and only possible with the advent of modern computer-driven laser measurement and modeling techniques developed and refined in recent years.

More about this later, but this is bigtime stuff. And it’s exciting.

It will change the way people educate themselves, because you won’t have to worry about crown angles and depth percentages anymore. If it has a high performance rating, who cares what the proportions are? Those measurements are only important now becuase they allow you to GUESS a diamond’s beauty in the absence of true measurement of the the beauty. Now those details will become less important, and we will start to compare based on simple meausurements of brilliance.

Cool! But it will change the way diamonds are cut, bought, and sold. More later….