On Nov. 7, 2013 three suspects robbed Atlanta fine jewelry store Elif Fine Jewelry by gunpoint.

According to regional news website Atlanta INtown, the suspects wore masks and gloves and entered the shop at 10:50 a.m. with guns in hand. They forced the store’s two employees to lie on the floor while they smashed display cases with a hammer, bagging what’s been estimated to be around $5 million in merchandise—including engagement rings and watches.

Additional reports say the robbers appeared to bypass the store’s magnetic doors. Michael Briant of security consulting firm Skydas Group International says he sees three possible scenarios for how this might have happened:

  1. inadvertent opening by one of the employees
  2. the door malfunctioned at the most inopportune time
  3. or an “insider” assisted in the robbery

Briant warns retailers using the clicker-style door magnet, to “ensure that you have each one [of the clickers] accounted for.”

Read the full article at JCK Online about :: Gun-Weilding Robbers Steal 5 Million in Jewels


This reminds me of the time a 17-year-old girl with a ski mask opened the door of my jewelry store in Austin, TX in 1983, and the door knocked her hand causing the shotgun to go off into the concrete floor, sending shrapnel into all the lights. I was the only one left standing, so she pointed the gun at me.

This kind of thing happens all the time, and we try to protect ourselves and other customers, but it is a real risk when offering such valuables to the general public. It’s a risk we have to live with, and one we have to pay to curtail, or prevent, or insure for. This is one of the expenses that local stores need to cover in their prices.